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We are a registered charity in Bucerias, listed on the Mexican National Charity Registry. The listing is for the work we do with low-resource Mexican seniors and our goal of building and operating a care home, primarily for vulnerable Mexican seniors.
Our charity is run on a completely voluntary basis without any administration costs.


To enhance the quality of life of Mexico’s aging, most vulnerable citizens while enabling them to retain their dignity. Fund raise for the betterment of the seniors and ensure the most dire individuals receive social assistance to the best of our ability.



A full time care home, primarily to provide quality of life care for low resource Mexican seniors.

Meet the Team

The board of Directors

The leaders carrying out actions to strengthen the organization and increase the number of beneficiaries


President- Marilyn Moxin

  • Permanent resident of Mexico for 5 years.
  • Retired Insurance Agent who assisted the majority of non-profit Long Term Care and Assisted Living facilities in British Columbia in obtaining insurance coverage. This entailed inspecting and assessing many of these facilities.
  • Board member of Rosewood Manor in Richmond BC for 28 years.
  • Founding member of the Rosewood Manor Foundation.
  • Board member of Richmond General Hospital for 5 years.

Vice President- Dinorah K. Gomez

  • Attorney at law with more than 20 years of experience with offices in the Marina
  • Specializes in real estate law protecting investments in Mexico, also offers migratory services as well as corporate, civil and commercial law.
  • Board member of Puerto Vallarta’s “Los Mangos” library.

Board member – Jim Moxin

  • Permanent resident of Mexico for 5 years.
  • Retired after 30 years service with the Canadian Air Force, served in Canada, Germany and the US
  • 20 years in the civilian aircraft  industry.
  • Board member for 8 years for Rosewood Manor Long Term Care in Richmond, B.C.
  • Board member of Rosewood Manor Foundation for 8 years.

Board member –Ruben Garcia

  • Self employed businessman.
  • A member of the traffic police force in the Bucerias area.
  • Principal caregiver for an elderly American living in Bucerias, attending to dietary and medical needs.


Our history

Every story has a begining, here's ours

In the winter of 2013 we were approached by the members of the Abuelos de Bucerias to provide assistance to their neediest members. We introduced sewing classes for their members, then sold the products at the local market. To raise additional revenue, we established a calendar of events which included fund raising dinners and rental of the facility. The money raised provided medications and medical care for the neediest members of the club.

We soon recognized that there were countless elderly people in need who were not members of the Seniors Club. At that time we made the commitment to reach out to those individuals and provide assistance where necessary. We sourced through donations, then distributed special care packages, clothing, linens, food, canes, cane tips, crutches, eye glasses, hearing aids, walkers and wheelchairs. We continue visits to house bound seniors. For more examples, see our FaceBook Bucerías Tercera Edad pages.

Our work with this group, made us realize, that with no nonprofit care homes in the State of Nayarit, we had to help. January of 2019 we hit a bump in the road when we discovered our free 10 year renewable lease on land in Valle Banderas was fraudulent. This was a bitter blow as we had held our First Rock Dedication and were ready to commence building.

From the Fall of 2016 through weekly sales in two local markets, various fundraising events, and monetary donations, we have been able to fully purchase 3,000 square meters of land in Bucerias.
Our next goal is to start construction in the Spring of 2020.

In order to complete the project, it is necessary to continue our aggressive fundraising efforts as well as continuing our market sales.

we are looking for you...

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